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The drama accomplishes this requirement easily through its key themes and the execution of those themes. Divinity opposing authority, the contrasting classical values of the polis and the oikos, power…. The Potential Leader of Theban Antigone is a Greek trilogy tragedy, written by Sophocles with a theme of moral; conflict in state law and divine law. The death of Polynices and Eteocles lead to their uncle to be next in line to the throne. One of his first decisions is for Eteocles receive an honorable burial and Polynices is to be left for the dogs. Who is the tragic hero of Antigone? When the word.

Occacionately, others view a tragic hero as someone who derives from being a main hero, or main character, to being the compassionate victim.

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The tragic hero of Sophocles Antigone, was Creon. Creon was a very headstrong and arrogant man who would never take advice from anyone and would always….

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An example of literary merit are Hamlet by Shakespeare and Antigone by Sophocles. Both Hamlet and Antigone contain literary merit due to the several literary elements and values that make them classic and praisable. Although both pieces of work have their differences such as the moral lesson and structure, it is clear to argue that due to their literary merit, both pieces of work are mostly similar. Hamlet, a critically acclaimed….

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The play Antigone, by Sophocles, is a complex play, which violates several interpretations. The two major characters in the play, Antigone, and Creon are both devastated in the end, leaving the conflict with no clear winner.

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There may be thousands and thousands of inferences made by people regarding the play after such a fatal consequence at the end, but what is it that makes Antigone a prime character which everyone would appreciate her deed? Hence, it is the true essence of humanity that tells…. Rather than Antigone, Creon is the…. We understand perfectly well what students need and are ready to cooperate and satisfy your requests.

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Essay, term paper, research paper: Oedipus

The chorus undergoes a change in character along side Oedipus , by the end of the play their last song becomes pessimistic and is unable to think of fate as justice. They remain loyal to Oedipus , the most royal one. Now , towards the discussion of Pride as a catalyst for all the catastrophes in the play. For this may have to go the background of the play, to when the oracle first warned Jocasta and Lias about the terrible destiny of the child. It is not known if consulting oracles is a sin or not since it was common at the time.

It is however as act of pride to defy an oracle , and this is done multiple throughout Oedipus Rex. The fact that mortals thinks that they can change or control the fate which the gods decide , is and act of blasphemy.

Oedipus Rex (Oedipus the King) (FULL Audiobook)

It is pride and sin when Lias and Jocasta send the child to be killed in the plains , an act common of the Spartans. A Greek nation that let fate decide which children were to live and which were to die. It Is fear and pride that makes Oedipus run away from his new home after he learn of his destiny. He acts as god when he decides to run away , even if his intentions were innocent. This is also his tragic flaw , the quality which makes him a hero in the eyes of the audience.

He tries with all his might to prevent a curse but is unable to. His heart and efforts were in the right place. It could have been fear and not pride which motivated all the events prior to the scenes in the play. The next display of his flaw is when he murders his real father on the road. This may have been due a sudden burst of anger or princely disposition but even at that time Oedipus was right.

Lias had pushed his luck and perhaps something snapped inside of Oedipus. The very hand of fate perhaps took hold of him. Either way he let his ego get the better of his actions and judgment. Oedipus has another flaw — a lack of insight. It was by strange chance that he solved the riddle of the sphinx and became king.

Even the blind prophet tells him that his own eyes betray him , that is unable to see his true self. Jocasta insists that tempers like his only torment, as he is unable to let things go. All the things he holds onto destroy him In the end. When observing the events that take place in the play , it is evident that pride does play a major role to get events moving in flow with the suspense of the plot. It is pride that motivates Oedipus to look for a solution to the plague , that brings him to dishonor oracles and the blind prophet.

It can also be denial underneath all his anger.

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He wants the matter to die. It is the same with Jocasta , she gives no importance to oracles or prophecies. It is only when things become clear to her that she begins to break down and ultimately takes her own life. Perhaps it is pride that brought her to suicide. Then again humans are capable of feeling more than just pride , maybe it was the immense shock. The horror and the shame that may have overrun her mind and senses. It is thought by many that the action of taking his eyes out by Oedipus is again nothing more but a show or result of pride again.

He does not have any strength anymore , he cannot witness the torment he tried for so long to run away from. Of course it may also be an act of self harm and sacrifice — he no loner runs away.