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For a brief moment at the turn of the millennium, it seemed Seoul and Pyongyang were starting to open up to each other. Politicians and pundits are overplaying China's influence over Kim Jong-Un.

Korea Before the Korean War

The Korean peninsula has a lengthy history of exchanging insults. This makes it harder for Pyongyang to back down. North and South Korea explained in four questions and answers. More than six decades after the Korean War, a small group of North Korean prisoners of war may get a chance to return home.

A scholar who has profiled the likes of Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin says there is a method to understanding the madness. North Korea was simply not industrialized enough for strategic bombing to have a devastating impact.

Why Did America Fight the Korean War?

The infrastructure especially bridges and roads that strategic bombing did manage to destroy were usually quickly rebuilt by North Korean laborers. In negotiations as well, strategic bombing, even that aimed against dams and power plants in northernmost Korea, failed to win concessions, and may actually have hardened the resolve of the Communists.

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Who won the Korean War? Why did the US intervene in Korea when it did not intervene in China? Was the Korean War an international war or a Civil War? Why did the negotiations to end the Korean War go on for so long. What was the result of Truman's firing MacArthur. Was strategic bombing effective during the Korean War? This study, using qualitative research methods, traces the causes of the Korean War and its subsequent impacts upon the development of the tourism industry in South Korea.

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The Korean War

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