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Alaus namai – Laikas paragauti tikro alaus

We plan on visiting the Sagrada Familia and maybe some museums. We will go in spring, so I hope the weather will be nice. I went to Spain last year with my family and it was really fun. Welcome to the Spanish Dict forum.

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Good attempt for a beginner.. I only have a few points t add to Jubilado's great work: Please watch your accents! You need to learn them whenever every time you learn a new word! In fact, all accents are very important in Spanish and all Romance languages as they guide people in how they should correctly pronounce the words of any language!

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Tenemos can only refer to the personal pronoun form: we literally: we have much hunger. I hope this helps. Durante la noche, nosotros caminaremos por la cuidad y comemos comeremos comida tipica de la region, por ejemplo paella, gambas al ajillo o faves a la Catalana. Log in Sign up. Please add your gender and proficiency in English and Spanish to your profile.

Also, please edit your post to include the English version of the Spanish if you have it. I will vote for you when your profile is completed.

He has done his profile! Updated my profile. He was a Zapotec Indian born in Guelatao, Oaxaca, who became governor of Oaxaca, and was shortly the president of Mexico.

Soon comes Easter Sunday. They celebrate the whole hebdomad of Easter Sunday. There are dozenss of jubilations in every town. Many people go on holiday after this vacation. Then there is Labor Day when workers parade through the streets. May 3rd they bless the sanctum cross.

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When May 15th comes across there is the Feast of San Isidro where the new seeds and animate beings are taken to the church and are blessed. They are celebrated by imbibing and throwing H2O on one another.

September 1st there is the State of the state reference by the president. And of coarse there is Independence Day. They celebrate that vacation merely like us, with pyrotechnics, parties, parades and a batch of other jubilations.

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Soon comes Christmas, they give out gifts and besides have spiritual services. They have people moving out the scenes of spiritual Acts of the Apostless in the Windowss of shops, at church, and particularly on the streets. They have parades, fetes, and the town is truly lit up with visible radiations. Their vacations are truly celebrated, like they show that they appreciate the things that they are observing.

Preparing for the vacation in Spain - Spanish lesson

We merely observe things, but truly wear? I think it? And they celebrate the small things excessively.

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